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4 HOur Trip - $1,100

These shorter trips are best over the winter months when the fish tend to stay closer to our shores, making them perfect for a Key West fishing charter. But rest assured, we can still catch fish all year long on these charters. We offer morning and afternoon departures, tailored to provide you with the best fishing experience off the coast of Key West.

6 Hour Trip - $1,400

These trips hit the sweet spot all year long, making them a staple offering of Key West fishing charters. They are long enough to get some good fishing in, but not so long that the entire day is spent on the water. Whether you prefer the calm, cool mornings or the warm, vibrant afternoons, we offer departures at both times to suit your schedule and ensure a memorable fishing experience with Key West fishing charters.

8 Hour Trip - $1,700

These trips are really best for the summer months when the water is warmer and the big fish stay farther out to sea, perfect for Key West deep sea fishing. Don’t worry, you won’t get bored with the thrilling pursuit of deep sea giants. These Key West deep sea fishing trips leave at 7:30am, offering an exclusive once-per-day departure to ensure a premium experience on the open waters.

No matter where it comes from, this wisdom is as true today as it was centuries ago. Fishing is not just a sport or hobby - it's a way of life. And there's nothing more satisfying than being able to feed yourself (and your family) with the fruits of your labor.